About Us

Travel is a hobby. The goal of humanrightsphilippines.net, the project of the author, was to spread this enthusiasm for traveling throughout the Philippines and throughout the world, to encourage others to discover other cultures and nature on our planet, and to assist passengers with their travel experiences.

We adore the Philippines, and we enjoy telling our stories on our travel blog.

Why do I like the Philippines? There are several reasons! It’s gorgeous, it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to travel about, the people are kind, it has a sense of adventure while still offering modern comforts, and it’s easy to feel like you’re off the beaten path.

Our ethics:

  • We only use our own words and visual content (photos, films, graphics), we respect copyright law, and when utilizing the work of other people, we always credit the source.
  • We treat other nations’ cultures and customs with respect and curiosity, even if they appear to us as objectionable. We are firmly against any ethnic or cultural prejudice.
  • Our input and anti-input in the works are based on our personal views and experiences, not paid for by third parties. This is made clear in the case of sponsored material’s presence. We’re not talking about commercial advertisements such as flight and hotel booking forms (flights, hotels), which are essentially advertising.
  • We try to tell things as accurately as possible, without distorting the facts, when we can. When confronted with unfamiliar cultural phenomena or limited knowledge, we strive to eliminate guesswork and faulty judgments, although they are sometimes unavoidable.