How to Say Thank You in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a country that has been influenced by the Spanish and American culture over the years. It is an island nation in Southeast Asia, where most of its people are Catholic or Muslim. There are many ways to say thank you in this part of the world; it’s true! Let’s take a look at some common examples to better understand how Filipinos show gratitude.

How Do I Say Thank You In Philippines?

There are many ways to say thank you in the Philippines. The Filipino people would be happy if their guests were kind enough to bring them gifts, but they might not accept it immediately because doing so can look like begging. Instead, consider giving food or drink as a gift – these items are always appreciated!

People who live in rural areas will probably appreciate any type of small item that makes life easier for them.

For instance, make sure your hosts know what time you want breakfast by leaving out an alarm clock and writing how early (or late) you’d like to eat on a note card next to the bed stand before going to sleep at night. This is how Filipinos show gratitude toward others!

How Would You Respond If Someone Say Thank You In Philippines To You?

If your host says thank you to you, it is polite of you to say the same thing back. However, this response might not be necessary in every situation because Filipino people are very humble and they usually don’t expect a reply from their guests.

In some cases saying thank you means more than just offering words – it could mean sharing an activity together with someone! To express gratitude toward friends or family members who have done something nice for them, Filipinos often invite each other over for lunch or dinner at home; if possible, bring chocolates as well (chocolate is used as currency among young adults).

How Can You Express Gratitude When Saying Thank You In Philippines?

When expressing gratitude during formal occasions like business meetings or in front of a large crowd, it is important to use specific words and phrases. For example:

Salamat po“: Thank you very much “Maraming salamat”: Thanks so much (this phrase can be used when someone has done something for you more than once)

Mabuhay!“: This expression means long live or may you have a prosperous life; Filipinos say this during happy occasions such as birthdays and graduations.


There are many ways that the Filipino people show gratitude toward others; hopefully these examples will come in handy next time your travels take you to this part of the world! 

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