How Far is the Philippines from California?

Many people have asked, “How far is the Philippines from California?” The answer to this question is not so simple and it’s important to understand some information about both locations before we can get into specifics. For starters, the distance between these two places will depend on which way you measure it.

If you take a direct line of sight from Manila over the Pacific Ocean, then the Philippines are approximately 10,500 miles away from San Francisco (CA). This is an enormous distance!

The Philippines are actually closer to Japan or China, but still very far away from California.

Another way of measuring the distance is by road travel time – this method is much more accessible for most people because it can be done in a car rather than being in an airplane with limited availability. If you drive on land through Hawaii and Mexico then the total trip would take about 39 hours without any traffic delays. A plane could fly you there in less than 12 hours though depending on your destination airport around San Francisco (CA).

Ways to get from California to Philippines by plane

Probably make the most sense, but you could also travel over land through Hawaii and China if you have a lot of time.

The Philippines are located in Southeast Asia which is very far away from California on any linear measurement scale. Technically it’s closer to Japan or South Korea though depending on what route you take between these places.

Many people seem surprised by how long the distance is between California and the Philippines because they always hear about them being within “Asia”. However, this region takes up more than half of the entire continent so there are many countries that lie in-between them geographically speaking – including Taiwan!

What companies run services between California, USA and Philippines?

Philippines Airlines offers direct flights between Manila and San Francisco (CA) about every two days.

Delta, Alaska Airline, United Airlines also runs routes from California to Philippines but they are not as frequent as the ones offered by Philippine Airlines.

There is a non-stop flight from Los Angeles – this route operates more times per week than San Francisco though because it’s closer to Asia.

The distance that separates California and The Philippines varies greatly depending on which way you measure it! There are many variables involved in calculating trip time such as your mode of transportation or if you take any stops along the way.

Conditions of entry into Philippines from United States

Visa required for stays less than 21 days, can get visa on arrival for $30 if arriving at Manila airport

No visa required for stays under 30 days from countries in the Schengen Area. US citizens are part of this area.

Travel safe during COVID-19

  • Tenant’s property should be isolated for a full 14 days under the provisions of section 42.9 of the CPA.
  • On day 5 of quarantine, the quarantine test was performed.
  • When you arrive, your security guard will escort you to the Security Desk where an announcement will be made over the public address system. A mandatory Smartphone app for contact tracing purposes must be installed at the time of arrival.
  • The following are some of the most common entry requirements for trips to the Philippines: Entry is restricted in Davao, Cebu’s province.

Rules to follow in Philippines

Some rules you should be aware of before traveling to the Philippines are that there is a strict no-smoking law in effect and it’s illegal to drink alcohol in public. It’s also important to remember that Filipinos are very religious people so please be respectful when visiting churches or other religious sites. Additionally, avoid taking photos of military installations or airports – this is considered espionage in the Philippines.

Overall, just use common sense and respect the culture and people while you’re there and you’ll have an amazing trip!

Tips for traveling around Philippines

When you’re finished with your trip, don’t forget about immigration which can be slightly confusing if it’s your first time leaving and re-entering the United States (or any other visa-exempt country).

You’ll need proof that you stayed somewhere while overseas although most hotels will provide this type documentation without charge.

Make sure when crossing over borders back into the US (or your country of origin) that you have a valid passport, visa if required, and tickets home!

The Philippines is a great place to visit – it’s definitely worth the journey! Just make sure you’re aware of the entry requirements and follow some simple rules while you’re there and you’ll have an amazing time.


The Philippines are roughly 10,500 miles from San Francisco (CA) if you shoot a line of sight from Manila over the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines are closer to Japan or China, but they’re still a long way from California.

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